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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Top Ten Tips On Puppy Training

#1. Social Development - The best time to train your pups is when they are under four months old. Your pup's mind is most curious and are open to new experiences. Supervised your puppy and allow early socialization to other species reduces the likelihood of future problems, especially aggressive behavior.

#2. Step-by-Step - Introduce one exercise or trick per training session. If you try multiple things, your dog will be confused and not understand how each new exercise or commands should go together.

#3. Home Sweet Home - Start off your pup's training in a familiar home or environment. Your dog will not be easily be distracted by the new surroundings.

#4. Random Reinforcement - Start giving out treats randomly when your dog starts to master a behavior. Your dog might not know when you are giving a treat for a desired behavior but he or she won't take the chance either.

#5. Be Patient - Dogs, like humans also have different learning speeds. Therefore, be patient with your pup when he or she don't understand the training as quickly as you want. Break down the training into smaller steps to help your dog to be successful in it's training.

#6. Hand Feed - Give out the dog food with your hand whenever possible. This teaches your pup to like human hands, even near his food bowl.

#7. Practice - Always be sure to teach your dog frequently to associate with the right command.

#8. Be Positive - Use positive reinforcement to guide your pet in the right behavior. Never use harsh corrections or reprimands.

#9. Immediate Rewards - When your pup obeys a command or perform a correct beahvior, be sure you give out an immediate reward such as a treat or a good gentle pat. If you're in doubt of the timing, withhold your reward to prevent rewarding the wrong behaviors.

#10. Ending On A High - Always end your pup's training with your dog wanting more and in a positive way. An enthusiastic student is always a eager learner.

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